House Hunters Puerto Rico: Easy Life, Isla Verde


Isla Verde Review is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report and a continuation of the series House Hunters (Semi) International: Where to Live in Puerto Rico.

TPOL: After visiting Dorado Beach Club and playing golf in Palmas, I’ve given up on the dream of an early retirement golf life. Maybe I’m more of a city person than a beach person because I haven’t lived on the beach. Who knows, maybe I can trade in my golf clubs for a surfboard.

Host: Good to see your attitude has improved. If you’re looking to live on the beach for the right price, Isla Verde is the place for you. Before you buy, let’s check out some rentals.

TPOL: Cowabunga!

Host: This property goes for 1k a month and is fully furnished. Not only is it right on the ocean, it’s also across the street from your favorite fast food restaurant, Burger King.

Host: It’s not what’s on the inside that counts. It’s what’s on the outside.

TPOL: Pretty…but damn it’s windy. Let’s go look at the apartment.

Host: I failed to mention that your apartment faces the street. It costs more for an ocean view.

TPOL: Besides that bottle of vodka, there’s nothing spectacular about this place. Renting or buying here is very cheap though.

Host: And you’re right next door to your favorite beach bar, D’Shack Next Door (see The World Cup! Where to Watch Sports in San Juan).TPOL: Oh, now that’s a reason to move here.

Host: So Isla Verde for you?

TPOL: Actually no. Yes, Burger King is close. Yes, it’s right next to the airport. Yes, it’s very affordable. But I don’t see myself becoming a beach bum. Sorry.

Host: To hell with you TPOL, maybe you should go back to Scottsdale.




  1. Why not stay in the isla verde arepas place and get yourself a golf membership wherever you like? Sure, you’d have to actually drive to the golf course, but you seem a competent guy. Then you could learn to surf if you like.

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