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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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House Hunters Puerto Rico: Dapper Dorado?

Dorado Beach Review is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report and a continuation of the series House Hunters (Semi) International: Where to Live in Puerto Rico.

Previously on House Hunters (Semi) International, TPOL began his journey to find the best place to live in Puerto Rico. His first requirement is to have a great place to golf. His second is to be close to the beach. His third is not to have to deal with driving as a result of spending my time drinking on the course or en la playa. And if possible, he would love to have a view of the ocean. In short, he’s looking for that elusive island charm.

On paper, and if you have enough paper, Dorado checks all those boxes. The problem is that TPOL doesn’t have enough readers to pay to live in Dorado Beach, the upscale gated community home to TPC Dorado Beach courses. Instead, he would have to live in the city of Dorado where the housing selection leaves much to be desired. One thing is for sure, if you’re looking for a house online, sorting by price may not yield the best options:

a house with a balconya screenshot of a home

We did find some listings that were in the low $200’s. As expected the houses were dated, had low ceilings, and obviously had no ocean view.

a yard with a house and power lines a street with a house and trees cars parked cars on a street a house with a fence and a street a basketball hoop in front of a house a building with a white wall and a stone wall

Frustrated that he could not find a suitable home, TPOL figured that he could rent something cheap, join Dorado Beach, and wait to go back on CNN, this time to promote the book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine. With that plan, we went to see what Dorado Beach was all about.

First Impressions 

Finances aside, TPOL could see himself living in Dorado.

TPOLFinances be damned, I can see myself living here. 

a group of golf carts parked in front of a building a golf course with palm trees and blue sky a golf course with trees and blue sky


Hands down, Dorado Beach has the best gym in Puerto Rico.

a building with glass doors and orange umbrellasa group of exercise bikes in a room a gym with weights and exercise equipment a gym with weights and a mirror a rack of weights on a floor a group of people in a gym a gym with a large window a group of people in a gym a gym with exercise equipment

a tennis court with trees and buildings in the background
Gym overlooks the tennis court.
a tennis court with trees and a building
There’s even a basketball court.

Lazy River

Imagine living in a community that has a lazy river and a mini water park.

TPOL: Wow, a lazy river. a pool with water falling over it a pool with lounge chairs and a pool with a stone wall and trees a pool with people swimming in it a pool with chairs and umbrellas a bridge over a pool with people swimming in it a pool with tables and chairs a bridge over a canal with people in a blue raft a stone building with a water fountain a water channel with palm trees and a brick walkway a pool with a stone bridge and a boat a pool with a waterfall over itHousing 

The cheapest condo goes for 1 million. And that doesn’t include the HOA. These mansions go for a few more dollars than that.

a house with trees and plants a palm tree in a grassy areaa large lawn with a house in the backgrounda garden with bushes and trees

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria severely impacted Dorado. Since then, the community has recovered. However, this photo is emblematic of the power of Maria.

a picture of a tree
Million dollar wound

East Golf Course 

Dorado used to have four 18 hole courses. Since Maria, it has three. The most famous is the East Golf Course.

a group of people on a golf course

a golf course with palm trees and a buildinga golf course with a building and treesa group of people walking on a golf course

Encanto Beach Club 

After a day of losing balls on the course, head over to Encanto for some pool and beach. You do have to decide if you want to go to the lazy river or the beach club as they are located at opposite ends of the property.

a pool with palm trees and chairs a pool with palm trees and lounge chairs a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas a pool with people in it a pool with palm trees and a beach a beach with chairs and umbrellas a beach with palm trees and chairs and umbrellasa pool with palm trees and people in ita pool with umbrellas and chairs a pool with a stone walkway and trees a swimming pool with chairs and umbrellas


Joining Dorado isn’t for the commoners. First, there is a $60,000 non-equity initiation fee. Then there is a $700/month membership fee. And, if that weren’t enough, golfers still have to pay the cart fee as private carts aren’t allowed on any course in PR. As far as food goes, that bill could easily add up when gratuity and the 11.5% sales tax is factored in.

a menu on a wall a menu on a table a glass of water on a menu a menu with a bottle of water a menu on a marble surface


Assuming you are able to afford the above, would you want to be the poorest kid in the richest neighborhood? Golf carts go for 10k new, how much for the helicopter?

a golf cart on a road


What did TPOL think of Dorado? Will he be moving there? Will he be joining the club? Let’s ask:

a golf course with palm trees and a hill a golf course with palm trees

TPOL: Obviously the place is beautiful and money is no object when it comes to happiness. Accordingly, I have decided to buy a piece of Dorado. 

a golf ball on a table
The only thing in Dorado Beach I could afford.


  1. Please come and blog about st lucia. You can buy villas which where 1.5mln about 10 years, for half of the price right now. Not so prone to hurricanes and… Lovely Caribbean island, friendly people with direct flights to the US and Canada. The best… Lots of British have left the island because of brexit and pound.

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