Dine with El Chapo! Great Mexican Food in Puerto Rico


Best Mexican Food Puerto Rico is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report.

The best Chinese food in the world inclusive of China is in Flint, Michigan. There’s no doubt about that. I once said that the best Mexican food in the world (outside of Mexico) is Los Betos in Scottsdale.  After moving to Puerto Rico, that has been called into question. Why? Because I visited Dos Panza in Rio Grande.

One thing that makes Dos Panza unique is that all tables and chairs feature photos of Mexican celebrities. I did not recognize most of them. I did notice one that looked very familiar. Confused as to why a restaurant would showcase this person, I asked the waitress to verify if it was whom I suspected. Nonchalantly, she said, “Yes, that’s El Chapo.”

I still can’t figure out why a restaurant has a table with El Chapo on it, but I wasn’t there for politics. I was there to drink and eat.


Pineapple margarita. Enough said. 


Los Betos has great nachos. Cusco has great nachos. Add Dos Panza to that list. Be sure to add beef.


I measure the authenticity of Mexican food by the tacos. I separate the contenders from the pretenders by trying the tacos al pastor. Dos Panza is not a pretender. 

On par with the al pastor are the shrimp tacos.


Chimichangas aren’t real Mexican food. That doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious when they are prepared properly. I can say with confidence that the best chimichanga I’ve ever had was at Dos Panza. Why? 

Recall the aforementioned Empress of China above. The same exterior that makes their egg rolls my favorite is used to encapsulate the chimichanga. Add in the beef used in the nachos, and you won’t be disappointed. 

El Chapo Table

As notorious and infamous as El Chapo is, I still had to sit at his table. Thinking I was kingpin, I made the mistake of ordering the ‘burrito boricua’ which is comprised of 12″ flour tortillas stuffed with chicken and pork longaniza, pork chop, lettuce, tomatoes, monterrey cheese & totopos (tortilla chips).


On the weekends there is live music at Dos Panza. The mariachi was entertaining, but the live music can get a little loud for this old man.


El Chapo or not, Dos Panza is a great Mexican restaurant that is worth the visit if you happen to be on the eastern side of the island.

TPOL’s Tip: Dos Panza is located at Cll D, Río Grande, 00745


  1. I find pretty amusing that you can visit a window shattering disco ’til dawn, but one mariachi is too loud. Do they have a Pablo Escobar table? And the world’s most interesting man? If so, I’m in. Stay thirsty, my friends!

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