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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Mazál Bagels: NY in Madrid, Why Not in Puerto Rico?

Mazal Bagels is part of The Adios Puerto Rico, Hola España Trip Report. Read TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?

A residency trip requires two components: 1. Cultural immersion in a new city. 2. The comforts of home. In my Madrid residency, I have tried to balance both (see Best Tapas Madrid: No Budget Cuts HereJunk Burger Madrid: Way Better Than Shake Shack). The reason I have gone to fewer Spanish restaurants and more diverse places (see A Taste of China, Hong Kong, and Japan…in Madrid) is because the aforementioned ‘comforts of home’ are not available in my home, Puerto Rico.

When I see a place that sells NY bagels and mimosas, I have to stop in. I ordered an everything bagel with turkey and a jug of OJ & bubbles. With each bite, I wondered why I had to take a plane to find an American bagel instead of driving down the street. Even the eggs were fluffier than the imports to Costco.

a sign on a building a plate of food and a glass of liquid two glasses of yellow liquid a bagel sandwich and chips on a plate


I can go on about the quality of Mazál Bagels but I will not because I don’t want to be upset when I return to Puerto Rico and read about how the most basic of foods is not available.





  1. What are they charging for an everything bagel in Madrid? It doesn’t look as the product at Beach Bagel, but the going rate in NYC is $1.50. Thanks Uncle Joe.

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