TPOL Opens M-F at 10:07AM EST


Many have said they don’t see my posts on Boarding Area’s homepage. I’m still on there but that homepage moves quickly and I may get pushed to the bottom faster than expected. For those that access the site from BA, I’ll let you in on a secret: I post M-F at 10:07AM EST. If I post again, it will be three hours after that. If I am really ambitious, it will be three hours after that. At the minimum, I want to post once a day M-F. Saturday and Sunday are for golf. If you don’t see me on there and it’s 10:07AM EST, send money or help. I’m either traveling and shirking my duties and need more money to keep the binge going (see Hangover = Blogger Malpractice?), or I’ve been kidnapped by an angry Flyertalk member (see Flyertalk Readers Don’t Get My Humor).

You can also subscribe to my email newsletter which is sent once a day in the evening if I post something new that day. (use your mouse to hit this link). And of course you can follow me on Twitter @thepointsoflife. The Vlog is a different animal that will have its own post time and life cycle (see Coming to LinkedIn, TPOL’s Vlog!).

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Option #3: I’m in Sharm el Sheikh dying from food poisoning and can’t get to my laptop (see Food Poisoning in Paradise). This photo was taken before death struck.


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