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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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TPOL Opens M-F at 9:07AM EST

Many have said they don’t see my posts on Boarding Area’s homepage. I’m still on there, but that homepage moves quickly and I may get pushed to the bottom faster than expected. For those that access the site from BA, I’ll let you in on a secret: I post M-F at 9:07AM EST. Previously it was at 10:07AM EST, but no daylight savings time in Puerto Rico forced me to make this permanent change (see No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico! Literally, When Will the US Catch Up?).

If I post again, it will be three hours after that. If I am really ambitious, it will be three hours after that. At the minimum, I want to post once a day M-F. Saturday and Sunday are for golf. If you don’t see me on there and it’s 9:07AM EST, send money or help. I’m either traveling and shirking my duties and need more money to keep the binge going (see Hangover = Blogger Malpractice?), or I’ve been kidnapped by an angry Flyertalk member (see Flyertalk Readers Don’t Get My Humor).

You can also subscribe to my email newsletter which is sent once a day in the evening if I post something new that day (use your mouse to hit this link). And of course you can follow me on Twitter @thepointsoflife, or Instagram, and now, TikTok. The Vlog is a different animal that will have its own post time and life cycle (see Coming to LinkedIn, TPOL’s Vlog!).

Thank you for your continued support,


Option #3 if I’m MIA: I’m in Doha for the World Cup and am trying to find the metro.

a man standing next to a large football ball
Metro? This way!


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