Coming to LinkedIn, TPOL’s Vlog!


Did you catch TPOL on IG Live yesterday? If you did, then you would have seen an amazing 125 yard shot with my 8 iron landing squarely on the green. If you didn’t, there is no proof of this happening because the app froze when I tried to share it to my story.

Damn technology

Right now I have 12.1k followers on IG (follow me here), but no strategy or schedule for what or when I post. I once thought of starting a Vlog on YouTube (become my 6th follower here) but wasn’t impressed by the ROI (see TPOL’s Way Out of Poverty Is Not Vlogging). This led me to LinkedIn, a more professional, untapped social network which serves my two-prong dream of 1) becoming a video celebrity 2) selling my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine.

TPOL the blogger has been around for five years (see Simply The Best: 5 Years of T-P-O-L). How long will TPOL the Vlogger last? Follow me here and find out.


  1. While I abhor social media, I really wish you all the best. I did use your link to buy your book, though. Get many angry requests for refunds?

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