Hyatt Regency Malta: Back to Beautiful


Hyatt Regency Malta Hotel Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

Getting There: Take an Uber through the pristine roads of this beautiful island.

If there were any remaining doubts about whether I should buy a villa in Sicily, they were erased when I arrived at the Hyatt Regency Malta (see Did TPOL Buy a 1 Euro Italian Villa?). Back in luxury, I was quickly reminded that I prefer the finer things in life. Here’s the review:


The hotel is in St. Julian’s, the party district of Malta. While the nightlife scene is a bit amateur, think Cyprus (see Guns & Butter: Ayia Napa, Cyprus Travel Guide), after my time in Castiglione, Sicily, I was happy to see the typical debauchery.


The tradeoff of staying in the entertainment district is a lack of a proper beach.

Hotel Itself 

Although this is a Hyatt Regency, it felt more upscale.


After endeavoring to earn Globalist (see Hyatt Centric Milan: Cert Worthy?), I was expecting a bit more from the room.


This is one of my favorite hotel soaps.


I enjoy it when the hotel has an a la carte breakfast option.

Rooftop Pool

After exploring Malta all day, it was nice to return and lounge at the pool (see Guns & Butter: Malta Travel Guide).


The problem with staying at a nice hotel in a new destination is that I am rarely at the hotel. I would like to return to the Hyatt Regency Malta and do nothing more than lounge.


  1. I get the breakfast picture… but it looks like you have about 5 eggs on your plate between the fried, scrambled and two boiled. Did you actually eat 5 eggs?

  2. I Stayed there in May for 4 nights. We were able to get 4 nights at 6500 Hyatt Points per night. Weather was perfect and Malta has a lot to offer.

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