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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Hyatt Centric Milan: Cert Worthy?

Hyatt Centric Milan Hotel Review is part of Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report.

Getting There: From LIN, I took the bus. To MXP airport, I took the train (see “Tickets, Please, Tickets”: Train Anxiety).

a small black building with a sign on it two brown bottles with white labels on them

TPOL’s Tip: Like many big cities, the area around the central bus/train station is not the best at night. Stopping for a beer on the way to the hotel was a mistake given the unstable patrons.

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The age-old question: you have one night in a city and a late arrival. Do you burn points on a nice hotel that you will not enjoy besides the bed?

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Points’ philosophers have been pondering this question for years. I faced it en route to Catania to buy a villa (see Nothing to Rent in Tuscany, But Maybe I’ll Buy a House in Italy) vila Milan. With a stay certificate set to expire in 3 months, I booked the Hyatt Centric Central Milan.a multicolored building with many windows with Canterbury Cathedral in the background a multicolored building with lights


Although I had hit Globalist by staying at the Hyatt Regency Manchester, my status had not kicked in. I did not receive an upgrade and had to beg for a 4PM checkout.


The room was what I expected for a 15k a night Hyatt.a bed in a room a bed with white pillows and a black bed with green lights a bed with pillows and a lamp on the side a room with a desk and a chair

Bathrooma bathroom with a shower and toilet a shower with a shower head and a shower head a group of black bottles


The hotel is a five-minute walk to the train station, a six-minute walk to my lawyer’s office (see 1 Euro Italian Villa: Would She Be Mine?), and a five-minute walk to late-night restaurants (see Late Night Bite in Milan).a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine


a group of buildings in a city


I arrived late. I woke up late. I went to lunch and returned for a siesta. While I didn’t get to enjoy the amenities of the hotel apart from the location, I still conclude it was a good use of points only because it was an expiring stay certificate. However, if I return to Milan, there’s only one place to stay: the Park Hyatt (see Let Me Live Here, Please).

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  1. I’m on pins and needles wondering if a trip to your Italian Villa will be in the cards as a prize for your 2023 NCAA pool. Please provide the next installment as soon as possible.

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