No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico! Literally, When Will the US Catch Up?


No Daylight Savings in Puerto Rico is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report.

Daylight savings is one of the dumbest things man has created. It rivals the CFP Playoff Selection Committee, which should include Michigan this year, if everything goes according to plan (see The Game: A Wolverine’s Guide For Surviving Columbus), and it rivals resort fees. When I lived in Arizona (see TPOL in the Desert), a state backwards enough to elect Sheriff Joe, it was nonetheless wise enough to not implement DST. In Puerto Rico, the lack of daylight savings means that I am now an hour ahead. That’s actually inconvenient. Monday Night Football starts an hour later meaning I’m more likely to be like Tony Kornheiser and fall asleep before the conclusion of the game. It means more work because business hours have been extended. The only benefit is that I will gain an hour when I fly to the US. Much like the content of this post, I don’t see the point of DST and demand that it be eliminated.

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  1. I’m confused by this post. The part of the US that observes Daylight Savings Time has, as of yesterday, now moved back to standard time until the spring. It’s actually the observance of DST by the US that keeps the Eastern states and Puerto Rico in the same time zone from March- November.

  2. I agree!!! I hate DST. Maybe we need a petition. Also even though you “gain” an hour flying to the mainland you still “lose” it going back.
    BTW I just enjoyed a day in San Juan after getting off a cruise ship recently. I enjoyed the Bacardi Distillery tour (highly recommend) and a bit of downtown before flying home. Makes me want to move there every time I visit.

  3. DST is just a bad idea. When days are long, they get longer. When they’re short, they get shorter. Pick something and stick with it.

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