Do You Trust Condoleezza Rice? CFB Playoffs 2015


Last year I made the case that Condoleezza Rice should not be trusted. She and the committee proved me right as Baylor and TCU were left out of the CFB playoffs. Sure, Ohio State proved to be the best team as they knocked off ‘Bama and steamrolled over the Ducks, but they never should’ve been there in the first place.

This year my prayers were answered as Ohio State most assuredly will not get a chance at a repeat, no thanks to my Wolverines’ sorry performance against the Buckeyes last week. Nevertheless, there still may be FIFA-esque corruption scandal brewing in ranking the participants of the 2015 CFB playoffs.

The rankings should be as follows:

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Michigan State

There should be no debate because Clemson is the only undefeated team and MSU was #5 and just beat #4. Alabama and Oklahoma should maintain their current positions. This presents a problem to the money-grubbing lobbyists who would rather have a ‘Bama vs. Oklahoma final instead of a semifinal. Hopefully, their influence won’t infiltrate the committee which is composed of biased buffoons.

To be clear, Clemson is the Cincinnati Bengals of college football which is why I could see the committee rationalizing moving them to #2 and Alabama to #1. Even with their win tonight, I’m guessing that Vegas won’t be picking them as the prohibitive favorite to win it all. In a way, if my rankings hold true, Sparty is lucky that he gets to face the Tigers because that gives MSU the best chance to advance to the national championship game. If MSU beats Clemson, then who’s to say they couldn’t beat Alabama or Oklahoma? Sparty has proven that he can find a way to win.

Imagine the salt in my Michigan wounds if Michigan State wins the national championship largely due to the stupidity, ignorance, and incompetence of our Australian rules football punter.

Go Tigers!

Go Blue!

As unfair as it may sound, new coach same results: Losses to MSU & OSU
As unfair as it may sound, new coach same results: Losses to MSU & OSU

Seriously, how the hell does this happen?


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