COVID Workout: TRX, Of Course


COVID Workout TRX is part of The Lost & Found Years(s) Trip Report.

Disclaimer: TPOL gets paid if you purchase TRX goods using my link. 

I am going gym free in 2020 out of necessity and out of a desire to be outdoors as much as possible. After this is done, my goal is to not return to a gym. The first step in this process, though not outdoors, was the purchase of the Peloton over a year ago. The second step was to use my TRX ropes regularly instead of just on vacation (see TRX Ropes: Best Way to Workout on the Road). With the golf course closed, I found a perfect palm tree where I could attach my ropes and begin my workout. Then a coconut fell from the adjoining palm tree and I moved locations. Coconut hazard eliminated, I can now safely recommend TRX ropes for daily outdoor use.

Cart not included, beware of coconuts.

TPOL’S TIP: In this time of binge eating and watching, support TPOL by purchasing TRX ropes.



  1. I can’t wait to get back to my local gym.

    It’s so much more efficient, safer and filled with professionals who can help me achieve my goals.
    I couldn’t imagine achieving anything of significance on my own working out under a palm tree.

    So strange that someone would brag about working out alone?
    Do you eat alone at restaurants too?
    Or, work alone?

    God, what a strange example and very odd life to share about.

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