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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Priority Pass Registration: Remember Not to Forget

Priority Pass Registration is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report, where TPOL leaves the basement. It’s finally happening despite inconsistent policies, interruptions, and human stupidity as explained in these posts:

Rust is not the word to describe how unprepared and disorganized I have been on this trip. The corrosion of my travel skills from almost 2 years of travel was apparent even before I left (see TPOL Forgets How to Travel) and continued at Medellin airport (see Viva Air Colombia: Evading Baggage Fees).

Learning from my experience in Warsaw (see Churning Cards? Don’t Let Your Priority Pass Lapse), one thing I did not overlook was enrolling in Priority Pass with Amex before my trip began. If not done ahead of time, Amex would not be able to provide a Priority pass number immediately. The membership number alone is not enough to access the app. A pin is also required. When I tried to generate the pin using my cc as validation, it did not work. I ended up having to call Priority Pass directly to obtain the pin (see TPOL’s Tip: Use Skype for 800 #s Abroad). Thirty minutes later I was back in the lounge, promising myself that I wouldn’t be this unprepared again.

TPOL’s TIP: Don’t be unprepared. Skim my Travel Lessons Page.

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Remember: Avoid Aguardiente even if it’s in the lounge.



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