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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Ticket Scalping NYC: The Follow-Up

One of the best things about living in NYC is that there always is some special event happening at an excellent venue. Last Saturday, the inconsistent Michigan Wolverines came to MSG to take on the unskilled Nittany Lions. Tickets were going for $55 plus tax. Yesterday, the lazy Pistons came to Brooklyn to take on the disinterested Nets. Tickets retailed for over $200 court side.

Applying what I learned from my thorough analysis of Ticket Scalping NYC: Know Before You Go I am happy to report that 1) I was sold real tickets and 2) I paid next to nothing to get in.

Let’s start with MSG:

Since I was by myself, I was hesitant to purchase one ticket and risk receiving a fake ticket. I saw a Michigan fan standing near a scalper and I approached both of them. The fan was waiting for his buddy to get in before paying for the tickets, the strategy I recommend following. After his friend confirmed that his ticket was authentic, I purchased my ticket from the same scalper and took my chances getting in.

I paid $30 (I should’ve paid $25) and went inside. The first scan of my ticket did not work leaving me anxious. The second scan did, confirming that this is the best way of buying a ticket for future events. When I found my great seat, the lady next to me asked me how I much spent. It was her husband’s ticket that she sold that I had purchased. She told me she had sold it for $20 which is why I should’ve paid $25.


Next up is Barclays Center for the Pistons vs. Nets.

I got off the subway at Atlantic Avenue and asked how much tickets were. The scalper was saying $50. I told him I was here to see my Pistons and that there was no way I was going to pay that much for a game that was not sold out and had tickets on Stubhub for $11.

Another scalper recognized me from MSG the last time I tried to buy a ticket and said “Mr. Detroit!” That was pretty funny. Out of excitement I paid $20 for lower level seats when I should’ve paid $10 for upper bowl seats since the place was empty and everyone moved down to court side.

Since there is no demand for tickets in Brooklyn and because of the match up, I wasn’t worried that I had received a fake ticket and got in with no problem.

2016-02-01 20.23.56
Barclays Center

Pistons come to MSG in early March so I’ll report back then.




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