Another Hit Off the Churn Pipe: Chase United 55k Offer


Last week I wrote that it is possible that I may have too many inquiries when BOA said no to my Alaska application. When BOA rejects you, you may have a churning problem that warrants medical attention. Recognizing that I hit rock bottom, I vowed to take some time away from the game and get my life together.

That lasted less than a week as I read about Chase offering 55k United Miles after spending 1k and after adding an authorized user. There’s even a $50 statement credit to sweeten the deal.

I applied then called in and was approved which may help me fly first on Lufthansa but will do nothing to curb my churn addiction.

Please send help or more offers my way.





  1. I took a hit after reading this. Couldn’t resist this offer, although it seems Chase catching on. Got grilled about why I had so many credit pulls!

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