Do You Tip UberEATS? I Didn’t


Maybe I should switch to Disqus before posting this instead of having the comments be a free for all to submit. But since the readers are sending me to Albania anyway, I don’t think a few more ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ comments will cause more damage to my sensitive heart.

I was staying at the Hyatt Place Long Island City (which was going to be my go-to hotel because it was 8k points/per night, but now it is moving up to 12k, sending me back to the great Four Points LIC), when I got the urge for some fine pizza.

Instead of overrated NY pizza, I went with the solid Michigan choice of Little Caesar’s Deep Dish. (That statement alone will trigger angry comments.) Instead of using the annoying Seamless app which no longer had my card on file, I tried the Uber Eats app. And let me tell you, I love the app. It charges my Uber card on file and uses the same map to track my order as I would my Uber ride.

The app told me that my food was arriving. Before I could go down to meet my driver, the front desk called and said that the food was waiting for me. When I got to the lobby, I was surprised that the driver had already left. With no awkward moment of having to sign the receipt and look at the disappointment for the pittance I gave as gratuity, I grabbed my pizza and headed back to the room.

Moments later, I received a notification from the app asking if I would like to leave a tip. Maybe because I’m used to not tipping Uber drivers or maybe because no one was watching, but I dismissed the notification and did not tip.

Who hates me? Who agrees?

Me savoring my tip free pizza
No Little Caesars in Albania
But still think it’s better than many, not all, NY pizza places. Take that New Yorkers!



  1. I would’ve tipped, but it’s a personal choice, and I’ve never used the app, so I don’t know protocol. I do think New York has the better style of pizza, but that’s just because I’m not a big fan of lots of dough with proportionally few toppings. If you liked it, though, why not?

    • The question is more, what is the protocol? Obviously, I hate tipping but is this like tipping the Uber driver which I will never do or is this like tipping a normal delivery person which I begrudgingly do.

  2. Pizza looks ok, I would have ordered something else, especially considering you are in NYC. BTW I always tip when I am on business, not so much on personal.

  3. Do you normally tip when you get pizza delivery? Why is this any different? Uber drivers are service people 2! (I’m one obviously).

    I’m seriously considering not doing eats anymore due to lack of tipping(I got tips 2 out of 5) –

    Consider this, you probably didn’t know, the fee is barely covering time and gas. Compared to rider, rider gets in and gets out him self, driver gets paid.

    – drive to restaurant, wait for food most of the time, drive food (smells up car, not always good), get out, bring food to you.

    If drivers give up in frustration no more magic food delivery.

    The out I give you – the driver should have waited a bit for you, but was it delivered in promised time?

    T.I.P.S. To Insure Proper Service

    Rant rant rant…..

    • It’s true. We go more out of our way than the average pizza delivery driver who’s already at the restaurant. But I will hand it to some people (although it’s rare), who do tip nicely to make up for the douchebags who don’t.

    • I have an issue with tipping. So Ubereats wants to take the majority portion of the delivery fee and then ask customers for tips to make sure drivers are paid enough? I think the drivers need to work with Uber if they need a bigger percentage and not resort to asking customers for tips. I don’t pay and I’m fine with it. I don’t get tipped at my work for doing my job or giving great service. I don’t see why the service industry expects this. Do you tip a doctor or a nurse? Do you tip an engineer or mechanic? No just the waiters and delivery men and cabbies expect this.

      • Your an idiot Hanna. First of all this isn’t a job. Your getting paid by the hour at least minimum wage. You don’t need a tip. We are independent contractors. That means on the $2 we made delivering your order, which almost all went to gas if not more we still have to pay taxes on the whole $2. Uber spent billions probably to design an app and platform so your lazy ass can sit at home and order food. They deserve their portion and I deserve my tip. So the next time your order remember when you don’t include a tip I’m passing on your order, he’s passing, shes passing, a whole bunch of drivers are passing and then some idiot on his first night delivering for Uber might accept your order 5 minutes or ten minutes later. Hence why your food sucked and was cold. Was that worth saving $2 or $3 bucks on food? Or is that our fault. If I got your order I might just ride around a few extra minutes with the AC blasting, take an order or two on Post Mates or Door Dash and then go bring you your food

        • Absolutely accurate. Hanna should go her own stuff. If she behaves this way regularly the drivers will begin to notice… I would and I’d pass on her orders 100%. What a b****.

  4. I almost always tip but really hate the US tipping culture. Would rather have a much higher minimum wage. I was in Melbourne last month and got a hair cut and tipped 40% (sounds high was in AU $, it was not much as the haircut was pretty cheap). The woman would not take the money, not because it was too generous but because it is considered offensive. I had the same experience in HKG two years ago. In both Sydney and Melbourne, even in restaurants, there is no line for tip. This is because minimum wage is high and usually people are much happier.

  5. Well, how much was your delivery charge? Multiply that by two if driver is able to make 2 deliveries per hour. I doubt they could as they actually had to park the car and wait at the restaurant and then park in front of your hotel… so that’s how much a driver might get paid per hour. Minus car maintenance, car insurance, price of gas… if you feel good about your driver getting that much per hour (minus taxes) then don’t tip. Do you?

  6. As someone who currently drives for Uber Eats, I have to say people like you make me so angry. You don’t realize that we get paid PENNIES without your tip.

    I had someone order food to a huge shopping mall in Cherry Creek, here in the Denver area. I bagged up his food in a cooler bag and placed napkins and silverware inside the cooler bag as well (which I am by NO means required to do).

    I had to drive up and down levels of a huge parking garage to find parking, then run around the mall trying to find the store he was in. I am always pleasant (customer service is also very much a part of my full-time job), so I pleasantly handed him his food and thanked him.

    I walked out of the store, then had to run to get back to my vehicle to get to the next order, as I had an order waiting. Altogether, given where I had to go to pick up the food, having to find parking in a large parking garage, having to run around to find his store, etc. this ONE single delivery ended up taking me almost an entire hour. My shins were burning by the end of all of the running around I had done.

    He (and most other people just like you) did NOT tip me.

    I made $3.46 off that order. So for one hour of my time (and thoughtfulness), I got paid $3.46.

    Think about that the next time you think it’s OK not to tip because no one is watching. And believe me, we don’t think that your tips are a “pittance.” Or at least I speak for myself when I say that ANY and ALL gratuities are GREATLY appreciated.


    FYI to those of you ordering from Uber Eats: if you cannot afford to tip or if you are too stingy to, GO PICK YOUR OWN FOOD UP!!!!! You have NO IDEA how stressful it can be running deliveries for companies like Uber Eats and GrubHub, etc. You have NO IDEA what our typical shift consists of. Don’t make assumptions. Why not simply follow the standards for tipping???

    DELIVERY DRIVERS HAVE ALWAYS RELIED ON TIPS. If you get bad service (from your DRIVER, NOT from the restaurant), sure. Don’t tip. That’s your prerogative. But otherwise, don’t be a jerk.

  7. Also, in response to this (and this is relevant to the way it works in the States anyway):

    “The question is more, what is the protocol? Obviously, I hate tipping but is this like tipping the Uber driver which I will never do or is this like tipping a normal delivery person which I begrudgingly do.”

    Here’s what I would suggest:




    YOU don’t have to tip anyone. Ever. But if you EVER were a customer of mine, and didn’t tip me merely because you “hate tipping” (and I wouldn’t want you to have to “begrudgingly” do so), keep in mind that if I ever saw you again, I would make sure that you did NOT get my normally above-and-beyond service. You’d wait for drink refills. You’d wait for your food, and perhaps it would be cold by the time you got it. OOOPS. You’d wait for your food delivery, or your cocktail. Your luggage just might happen to scratch against the side of the wall when being delivered to your room. I might just sit and chill in your car, listening to my favorite song, while you wait in the rain, Valet ticket in hand. I might just accidentally not cut your hair right, or put the wrong color in it.

    KEEP ALL OF THAT IN MIND. Because I am speaking for ALL of us who rely on tips to pay the bills.

    • Marissa, people like you are the exact reason why the service field is despised and hated. It is your job to deliver food, cut hair and USE THE RIGHT COLOR, valet cars and so forth. Just because a customer is not tipping, does not mean you have the right to show off your unprofessional manner and a cheap lazy attitude. Not delivering food on time, cut hair wrong and use the wrong color, scratching a customer’s luggage would all make your boss hate you, you might most likely pay for the loses incurred. Basic manner and logic, I can see none in you. And I honestly would call people like you as TRASH OF THE SOCIETY. Psh.

      • Katrina where do you live? I would love to deliver you some food too when you don’t tip. Just like Marissa said it would be cold. Or I might just make an exception and cancel your order maybe 15 minutes after you ordered so you have to order again and wait for your money back

      • Marissa may have been a tad extreme in her presentation, but her point was not wrong. I would simply pass on orders for known cheap (lame) customers. Now multiple that by 5-10 other drivers who pass too and your food will end up coming from some newbie on his or her first day who could perhaps drop it out of sheer accident or inexperience, not malice. Nonetheless, you get substandard and/or delayed service because you failed to appreciate the work folks do on your behalf and treat them accordingly. If you can’t or don’t want to tip, go get it yourself… it’s that simple.

    • Marissa here is Tips for you : Do not work @ service field. if you mad because they didn’t give you tips please by all means this job ain’t for you. seriously ,please try one of those thing you mentioned 100% guaranteed you will get your ass fired and plus Law suit coming your way … scratching luggage all around? unbelievable … i’m afraid to imagine what you might do to your customers food …. . ONCE AGAIN TIPS are optional and not OBLIGATION PERIOD . people who work @ service field should know this that’s including me.
      im also ubereats driver and i never hate or worse mark my customers for future revenge because they didn’t tip me. When i start this job i never expect them to always TIP me i understand the system and i would only calculate my earning from the fees ONLY by strategizing my delivery route not blindly or greedily accepting out of reach order … if you fail to earn money and worse lose money because of gas time etc and blame it to your customers that didn’t tip… you’r stupid and greedy POS, once again you are not cut for this job. Quit now and stop giving us bad impression . people like you make people think twice before tipping us.
      BTW your suggestion #8 really explain what kind of person you are.

  8. That’s fucking rude. Sorry. Technically the idea of uber eats is that you guys come to the car. I’ve went up to people’s hotel rooms and still got no tip. Almost no one tips us, so why bother goin the extra mile? I’m trying to hustle to feed my kids. I wish people had more respect and could leave just a tiny tip.

  9. yeah, Marissa Babineaux nailed it and the rest of you non tipping losers can reap your bad Karma coming your way… in my 40 plus years of almost weekly ordering pizzas delivered to our home, we have never stiffed the pizza guy..NEVER!… Just like we never stiff the bartender or waiter or waitress, or bellman. These people rely on tips for their livelihood. Your parents obviously did not teach you well.

  10. You are the reason I just quit uber eats. I worked Thanksgiving and got one 2 dollar tip out of 7 orders. Made less than minimum wage after gas. I did this to help pay my Bill’s. I work 50 hours a week in another job but the problem is the schedule is not fixed. Therefore I needed something more available. I need to find another job in my career that fixed to get hours for a second job. Congrats, enjoy your pizza that I cant afford to buy myself. Oh and my car already broke down and set me back 500 dollars. U dont have a fcking clue bro.

      • The drivers do. All the time. They even strike from time to time. I do not, as I am opposed to the idea of a government mandated minimum wage. I accept orders that I determine most likely to be profitable to me (I now accept McDonald’s type orders only on rare occasions). I can do this because I am a 1099 contractor and I can run it the way I want even though I use Uber to perform the deliveries. Most of the people I serve give tips (even if it is a small tip). Those that do not I typically give a second chance when their name comes up again (with over 3,000 deliveries completed I see a lot of people more than once). If the customer is not profitable for me I will cancel their order, that is if I can determine who it is or there is a high probability that I know who it is (Uber doesn’t show us the names until after we accept an order, and the address is hidden until after we get the food – they don’t want to allow us to be picky with the customers). You can choose to tip or not, but if people remember you then your service may, or may not, be affected.

  11. I cancel orders all of the time from repeat customers that previously stiffed me. No second chances… an BTW if you are a Door Dash customer i recommend you tip in advance. Why tip advance? Because us door dashers are given the total pay offer up front and that includes tip. So smart door dashers decline low $$ offers. So if you want your food order to be delivered in a timely manner then tip in advance.. otherwise, your order will ping from driver to driver until a driver stupid enough accepts your no tip order, all the while your no tip order is getting cold.

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