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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Hyatt Place Long Island City Hotel Review: It Was the Best Deal in NY

The Hyatt Place Long Island City Hotel Review is part of the TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

Getting There: The best part about staying in LIC is how close it is to LGA. Minus the terrible Uber setup at LaGuardia, getting to the hotel is a breeze.

As a blogger, I do my best to publish my posts as quickly as possible. I often fail. That’s why you still have not read about my adventure in Russia which included Etihad Apartments or the conclusion of my Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. By the time I write some posts, the facts on the ground may have changed. I use the Hyatt Place Long Island City as an example. I was going to write how this hotel, which goes for 8,000 points a night, was the best deal in NYC, dethroning the previous champion The Four Points LIC. Luckily, I waited because the hotel has shot up to 12,000 points a night making it less attractive than before.

With no deal to boast about, here is a review of the hotel itself.

The Location 

Like the Four Points, the Hyatt Place LIC is conveniently located next to the subway station. In fifteen minutes, I was right in the heart of Midtown.a entrance to a subway station

The Hotel Itself 

The lobby is pretty snazzy for a Hyatt Place. a sign on a building a wall with lights on it a couch in a room a christmas tree in a room a room with a bar and a counter

The Suite Upgrade 

As a Globalist, I received a suite upgrade. The room was huge but not necessary as the only time I am in the room in NY is when I’m going to sleep.a room with a couch and a desk a room with a desk and chair a tv on a wall a room with a tv and shelves a wood cabinet with a shelf and a picture on the wall two glasses on a shelfa couch in a room

The Bedroom 

This is what the typical Hyatt Place looks like. It is more than adequate.

a door leading to a bedroom a bed in a hotel room a tv on the wall a bed with white sheets a tv on a dresser

The Bathroom

Seen one Hyatt Place, seen them all. Here are the pictures for completeness. a bathroom with a sink and toilet a bathroom sink with a mirror a shower with a metal shelf

One thing I found odd/gross was that the toilet paper was used and not on a holder. There was not a toilet paper holder which is weird because this hotel is brand new. How did they overlook that?a roll of toilet paper on a shelf

The View 

The view was not as good as the Four Points which provided an impeccable view of the NY skyline. It was better than the typical view when I stay in Manhattan which is usually of a brick wall.

a view of a city from a high rise building
View from the bedroom
a construction site with a crane and cars parked on the side of a road
View from the suite

The Pen

How many Park Hyatt pens do you have in your possession? I’m sure it is more than Hyatt Place pens. a pen and a book on a table


Why did they have to ruin this great value by upping the points from 8k to 12k?! It would have been my go-to hotel otherwise.



  1. Oh you beat me to it! I had a bunch of reservations there and also at the new Jersey City Hyatt House which I canceled either due to weather, plans or just because. However, I booked tons of reservations at this HP at Category 2 points and cash rate for 2018 when reservations first opened and before they blocked the C & P rate and changed the category. So, if I decide to requalify for globalist next year, I’ll be spending a lot of time in Long Island City….

  2. An utter non sequitur here, but I’m curious what you’d consider a no brainer cost for acquiring airline miles? Let’s say United, for example.

  3. The Hyatt Places where I’ve stayed, outside of NYC, have a very different room set-up. The vanity and sink are kind of in the bedroom area, the shower or tub and toilet are in a separate room with a door. I’m booked at the LIC location in February 2019, the rates at every other NYC Hyatt are sky high, especially for that normally inexpensive time of year. Thanks for the review.

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