Escape Lounge MSP: Better Than Centurion?


I usually connect through SLC when I am on my way to NY. I’m used to the Delta Sky Club there and their single pours. Out of habit, I go to the Delta Sky Club in MSP in order to write a scathing review of its Bloody Marys. This time, I had the wherewithal to heed the advice of fellow bloggers and go to the Escape Lounge instead, a lounge available to holders of the Amex Platinum card. And let me tell you, it rivals Centurion Lounges. There were plenty of places to sit and sleep. The food was really good but the Wi-Fi, like so many other lounges, could be faster. Here’s the the tour in photos:escape lounge msp lounge review


As is tradition, I arrived at the lounge a bit beaten from the night before. I found a tranquil spot to sleep and stayed there for hours undisturbed.

Seating area #1
Common Area
Bar Area
Sleeping area


Tacos! That’s creative. It is on par with Delta’s hot dogs at JFK. There were also other high quality treats leaving me to wonder when US carriers are going to do away with the typical celery and carrot offerings.

The Bar 

Lately, the last place I want to visit at the lounge is the bar. For those that do, there is a wide selection of drinks that are included at no additional charge. Tanqueray is the house gin which is pretty good considering what Delta serves. 


I wish I had more connections in MSP. This lounge is awesome.


  1. Escape at MSP is OK. And I’ve been there as a Priority Pass and an AmEx lounge. While better than Delta at MSP, it is definitely not on par with Centurion lounges I have visited.

    Also, food has never resembled that pictured in this article during my visits. Staff is very nice though.

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