Machu Picchu: The Souvenir Pricing Guide


After arriving on Perurail, you might be eager to get to the top. Because of the crowds, I decided to take some time and buy some souvenirs. The shops all offer the same things, but there are great keepsakes to remind you of the moment. Personally, I found the alpaca memorabilia to be hysterical.

Here is what I bought and what I paid. I had to bargain hard to get them which is my favorite pastime.

  • Souvenirs
    • Alpaca T-Shirt: 15 soles ($4.55). This is $2 higher than the normal cost of a shirt overseas but I had to have it.
    • Alpaca Hat: 10 soles or ($3)
    • Alpaca Sweater (featured in later post): Priceless or 30 soles ($9)


  1. Sorry to be the Debbie downer here but…. You clearly bought fakes…. might as well say China on it. The real alpaca items are cheaper than the 100+ USA prices but you ended up with fakes. Sorry to burst the bubble here….. the real stuff costs anywhere from 30-100… baby alpaca is softener and therefore commands higher prices.

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