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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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The Great Train Adventure to Machu Picchu

After finally getting the tickets sorted, I was ready for the train to and from Machu Picchu.

The Train Station 

Get there early and order a mocha while waiting for your train and so you can take some photos of the carriage.

a building with a door and a blue rug a cup of coffee with chocolate syrup people sitting in a room with tables and chairs a train at a stationinside a train with seats and tables

a table with colorful tablecloth and chairs in front of a train
The $500 train.

a man standing in a train

The cabin reminds me of the underwater restaurant in Conrad Maldives.

The Train to Machu Picchu

The train ride there was great because it was empty. We had a booth to ourselves and enjoyed a bottle of white while we made the 3.5 hour journey. While there was no Wi-Fi, there was still plenty to do and see whether it be through the window or the skylight ceilings.

On the way there I also had some coca tea and the local purple corn juice. Say yes to coca, say no to chica morada. The lunch was also satisfying. Judging by the look of the passengers riding in economy, it would appear that splurging for middle class was worth it.

a table with food and drinks
The Purple Drink

a view of a dirt road through a window of a train a train going through a window a glass of wine next to a bottle a bottle of wine and two glasses on a colorful tablecloth

a man standing behind a table with drinks on it
Pisco Sours, tried on the way back

a man sitting in a chair with wine glasses and a bottle of wine a man and woman sitting at a table with drinks

a blue train with people in it
Angry he doesn’t have wine. Should’ve upgraded.

The Train Back 

On the way back, the train was packed. The same drinks were offered, and I passed on the coke for cafe along with two pisco sours, the Peruvian traditional drink. For entertainment, there was a dancing man and a full on fashion show. Alpacca to Peru is cashmere to Mongolia. The workers put on a show using the train car as the catwalk to demonstrate the latest ‘pacca clothing. The garments are not cheap. A baby ‘pacca sweater went for $170. Drinks, food, and a fashion show were a great way to cap off a hectic day. a group of bottles on a table two glasses of white liquid on a colorful tablecloth a person in a garment standing in a train

I love trains. Whether it be the one from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or the lazy route to Machu Picchu, trains can’t be beat. The price is a bit steep, but judging by the occupancy, it has little effect on tourists making the trek.




  1. I’m surprised you did not have a picture of the ancient ruins along the river;……mmmm, it was a most interesting sight to see old ruins on the hillside.

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