Simply The Best: September 2017


Pardon my absence, it has been days since my last confession. I have been in Africa this whole time writing posts on my Blackberry, but I have not sat still long enough to actually post. Fear not, the adventure is coming to an end next week. There is such a thing as too much vacation, but that’s a post for another time. For now, let’s recap the best of September:

  1. Will Possible Avianca Strike Ruin My Adventure?

    The Colombian government says that the strike is illegal. I’m not going to interject myself into Colombian politics, but I will say that they should resolve this right away for the sake of me.
  2. Avianca Cancelled! But Trip Saved

    The lesson learned is to change your flight proactively in anticipation of pending disaster. I’m not sure what would have happened if I had just waited and done nothing to mitigate.
  3. Michigan vs Florida: A Review Of Cowboy Stadium

    Remember the time? Do you remember when we thought we were going to have a good season?
  4. Attending A Bullfight In Madrid: A Range of Emotions

    Bullfighting is controversial. I didn’t have a strong opinion about it before I went, and my thoughts on the pastime were more mixed after going. Before getting into that, let me talk about the stadium and the spectacle of the event.
  5. AC Hotel Avenida de America Madrid: Free Mini Bar!

    Before hitting the town, I had a sugar high and an alcohol buzz and did not have to spend any money to get it.
  6. Uber JFK Scam ‘Resolution’

    How dumb can they be? Even with the full blog post, this is the response. I’ll gladly take the $20, but how does this resolve the issue?
  7. Dallas, Texas: Food & Drink Party Guide
    Dallas is not the most entertaining city, but it does have a few spots that are worth checking out. TPOL breaks it down for you as only he can.


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