Simply The Best: October 2017


Blogging while traveling is something I have tried to figure out. I used to do a-live posts where I post short snippets on the go. Then I switched to real time blogging and did my best to keep up. This time I tried to improve my real time efficiency by purchasing a tablet with a small keyboard that I could keep with me at all times. That was a disaster. The screen was too small, and the keyboard was terrible. Next trip, I’m going back to real time as much as possible. If I miss a day, so be it. It’s better than missing a whole month.

With that, here are the best only posts from October 2017.

  1. Aloft LAX: Be Careful Not to Miss Your Flight

    En route to Peru, I had sixteen hours in Los Angeles. This provided a perfect opportunity to see some friends and catch up on my drinking. That proved costly as too many margaritas made for a rough day ahead.
  2. United Club LAX: Not A Cure for the Hangover

    The United Club LAX is a solid lounge, if only it had better food.
  3. United Business IAH-LIM Flight Review: Delays for Daze

    When I flew Emirates Shower Class the first time, I made the mistake of going out in NYC the night before. Though I was comfortable on that flight, I spent most of it trying to recover and not enjoying the on board bar (see Emirates Shower Round 2). Lesson not learned, I had a similar experience flying United from Houston to Lima.
  4. Priority Pass Lima, Peru: Perfect Restover

    I’m so happy that there was a quiet lounge to pass the time before going to Cusco. It is much more convenient than having to leave the airport just to come back hours later.
  5. Procrastinator’s Guide to Machu Picchu

    The adventure of Machu Picchu is not going to the ancient ruins, it’s getting the tickets to go there.
  6. The Great Train Adventure to Machu Picchu

    I love trains. Whether it be the one from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or the lazy route to Machu Picchu, trains can’t be beat. The price is a bit steep, but judging by the occupancy, it has little effect on tourists making the trek.
  7. Machu Picchu: The Souvenir Pricing Guide
    Here is what I bought and what I paid. I had to bargain hard to get them which is my favorite pastime.



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