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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Machu Picchu: Don’t Go My Way

I have been called the most interesting man in the world a few times. I have been called the most cynical man in the world many times. With that, let me tell you why you should not visit Machu Picchu the way I did. I detailed the amount of time and money spent getting to Machu Picchu. From the entrance ticket, to the train ride, to the bus to the top, this was the most expensive photo opp of my life.

Taking man-made transport instead of the Inca Trail makes the destination not as impressive as it would have been had I hiked to the top. A reasonable way to visit Machu Picchu is to take the train part of the way and then hike the rest. This is a cheaper option and, more importantly, will make you appreciate how this ancient city was constructed all those years ago.

By contrast, the tour bus will make you resent tourists who parade around with their selfie sticks and pay no mind to other travelers looking to take in the moment. ‎When I got to the top, I hastily took beautiful photos while trying to ward off the mob of people who could not wait their turn. The city has been around for hundreds of years, it’s not going anywhere. So please, let me take my photo in peace.

I’m sure I will have a more positive feeling about the experience after I look at my photos and internalize the awesome of this new wonder of the world. For now, all I can say is, “tourists, get out of my way.”

With that, I present to you these pictures. Please take note of my Alpaca/Adidas shirt.

a stone ruins on a mountain

a man standing on a ledge with stone buildings in the background
Here is what I bought and what I paid. I had to bargain hard to get them which is my favorite pastime.

a man standing on top of a stone city a stone ruins on Machu Picchu a man standing on a ledge with stone buildings in the background a man taking a selfie with a stone city in the background

a man standing next to two llamas
With the alpaca crew

a stone wall with stone terraces and people walking on it

a man standing in front of stone ruins
Finally, a new pose.

TPOL’s Tips:

  • Bring bug spray because of mysterious bugs that leave bites that itch and last for weeks. These are not mosquitoes.
  • If you do hike or buy souvenirs, you can check your bags at the entrance before going to the top.


  1. Ah memories! We went there this past July and it was amazing. You took an incredible photo of Machu Picchu showing the “Inca’s Face” If you tilt your first and fourth photo, counterclockwise 90 degrees it’s easy to see. And yes, you’re not lying about the bugs, they are horrible. I enjoy your posts, thanks

  2. Agree that Inka Trail on foot is more “authentic” experience compared to the train ride, but it does takes at least 4 days and lots of agility.
    And yes, the cost of MP day trip on VistaDome is around $500 for 2 people (in 2014 prices).
    But the place is amazing especially if you are in no rush and give yourself time to sink into the environment, explore Machu Picchu slowly: scale and detail in architecture, natural beauty, mystery, etc, etc. Peru gives traveler the essence of South America and taste of Inka culture in particular.

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