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TPOL’s Guide to Bargaining Abroad

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Greetings and salutations from 中国。Today’s topic is bargaining abroad. This is an update to my previous guide for those looking to score the best deals on bags, shoes, watches while overseas.

Yesterday, I went to my favorite place in the world, the tailor market on Lujiabang lu. I walked away with a deposit receipt for 5 suits, 10 shirts, and 1 winter jacket. I also went to another market where I found some jeans for a nice price.

Here is the breakdown: 

1 suit: 500 RMB

1 shirt: 100 RMB

1 cashmere winter jacket: 600 RMB

1 pair of jeans: 100 RMB

1 pair of underwear: 14 RMB

While the yuan has appreciated, the price in RMB has remained constant. The quality, as ever, is hit or miss though everyone promises it to be ‘top quality’.

Bag you like? Watches you like?

Updated: 9/2/19

I went to the fabric market to update my collection. I may be losing my bargaining ability because I paid a little more:

1 suit: 600RMB, up 100

1 shirt: 100RMB, same

1 pattern shirt: 110 RMB, somehow patterns cost more?

1 James Bond Tuxedo: 700RMB


Pants/Shorts: 160RMB

Work Dress: 400RMB

Sports Coat: 400RMB



  1. My Cantonese is a little rusty? Where are you? Hong Kong? A $100 suit is kind of creepy cheap. I take it that you’re pretty sure of the quality?

    • Ha. I’m in Shanghai and this is my go to tailor. Although we call it the paper suit place, the quality is great. I’ve had shirts and suits from there that have lasted for over six years.

  2. How about giving us a Booth Number? I’ve had horrendous stuff made there, but also a few decent pieces. Knowing where they do a good job is the key. Unfortunately, I no longer have any contacts in Shanghai, so knowing where specifically you feel you got well made stuff would be helpful. Thanks.

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