Friday, August 19, 2022

Guns & Butter: Copenhagen Travel Guide

I have been to Iceland, Sweden, and Finland. While I have not been to Norway, I can predict that it will not be as great as Denmark.

TPOL’s Achilles Rehab Secret: Hydro Revolution

Disclaimer: I have an affiliate relationship with Hydro Revolution i.e., you buy products from them, I get paid. Note: Pool sold separately. I discovered that I was a tennis natural in January. I also discovered that...

Punk Royale Copenhagen: Michelin Restaurant on Acid

Punk Royale Copenhagen Review is part of the Punxsutawney TPOL Trip Report. Warning: Do not read this if you are going to Copenhagen. I did not know before going to Copenhagen that there are so many...

Inventing Anna v. TPOL: Do You Know Who I Am?

If you're looking to waste a few hours of your life, watch "Inventing Anna" on Netflix. For those who have not seen it, I won't get into the specifics. For those who have, I...

Guns & Butter: Ribera Del Duero, Madrid Travel Guide (Vino Edition)

Though it is only two hours away from Madrid, Ribera del Duero deserves its own post and enough time to see and drink it all.

Guns & Butter: Chicago Travel Guide (Baseball, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Beer, Pho Edition)

I love Chicago in the summer and will go back for more baseball, hot dogs, pizza, beer, and pho.

Delta Sky Club JFK: Veuve for 6k

Delta Sky Club JFK seems to have something interesting going on each time I go. Last time it was hot dogs (see Delta Sky Club Chicago: Hot Dog! A Great Bloody Mary). This time...

Happy New Year! TPOL’s NYC NYE Party Guide

I avoided celebrating New Years in NYC because it is 1) cold and it is 2) for amateurs. Because of the limited travel options due to the pandemic and because I did not want...

TPOL Is Down

I apologize for breaking my word and not posting an out-of-the-office message (see TPOL Opens M-F at 10:07AM EST), though I have been using those too frequently lately. This time I wasn't traveling. Instead,...

Moulin Rouge: TPOL On Broadway

Due to the never-ending drama of Covid (see Covid Test to Enter Puerto Rico: Another Asinine Policy) and the need to rehabilitate my NYE party list (see Where to Party? New Year’s Eve), I...
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