Eat La Paz: Luciernagas


After golfing on the moon, it was time to eat. I read about a family owned Bolivian restaurant called Luciernagas. It is located on Ave lllimani 1683, La Paz, Bolivia. I arrived an hour before it opened so I had no choice but to go to a fast food gyros joint to see if it could rival Athenian Gyros. ‎For 20 Bolivianos, I had a coke and an extra large gyro. The bread was delicious, the meat was tasty, but it did not rise to the level of epic.

A bit full, I took the cable car ride up in order to work up an appetite.

A couple hours later, I went back to the restaurant. I ordered a traditional soup and a mixed meat plate for two. The soup was fine but paled in comparison to the mixed plate.

In one plate there was chicken and rice with potatoes and peanut sauce. In the other plate was beef tongue, shredded beef, spicy beef, and what I believe was quinoa. I was encouraged to mix everything together as the sauce from one complimented the flavor of another.

I can’t tell you the Bolivian names of the dishes, but I can say that they were all delicious. Soup, a large beer, and a mixed plate for two came out to less than $20. ‎That’s the best deal for a home cooked, authentic meal that you’ll find anywhere.

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