A Patriotic 4th of July in Canada


TPOL has embraced the rancher’s lifestyle during his times on the range. Following the Bucking Horse Sale a few weeks back in Montana, my love for the rodeo has grown.

That is why this 4th of July I’m contemplating making the trek up to Canada for Calgary Stampede. It’s a rodeo party that appears to get out of control.

My preliminary search of SPGs and Hyatts have validated that if there ever is a time to go to Calgary it is during Stampede Week. Rooms at the Category 3 Hyatt go for $500/night and rooms at the Aloft are over $200. The cash and points option for a stay at the Westin for 6000 points + $110 (compared to the going rate of $500) is a bargain on its face till you see that off peak pricing for the hotel is only $140/night.

With a dozen more stays till I requalify for platinum I am tempted to book the Westin but doubt, given the popularity of the event, that I will receive an upgrade. The alternative is to use my Hyatt stay certificate which is good for one night in a Category 4 hotel and burn 12k GoldPassport for the rest of the nights.

To the TPOL faithful the question is:

Does Canada deserve my points on my favourite American holiday?


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