Alaska Does Right By Me: 12k for Overnight Delay


I recently went to Guadalajara, Mexico. On the way there, I had an unfortunate flight cancellation which messed up my travel plans. I finally called Alaska today and the representative was very pleasant. She said they would absolutely pay for my hotel stay. (It is a 100 mile drive to the airport when you fly out from Montana.) She also gave me the option of a $300 voucher or 12,000 Alaska points per passenger. I took the points because the bonus goes well with my new Alaska business card approval.

Given what is going on in the world of aviation, it is nice to see that there still is good customer service.

For 12k miles, I'll take a delay that gets me in 4 hours later. Cheers
For 12k miles, I’ll take a delay that gets me in 4 hours later. Cheers


  1. Bali is absolutely right. You can just buy the 12k points with about $240 cash. Silly blogger. You could have used it to “fly first class on Cathay through Hong Kong to Tel Aviv versus Alaska flights” and still have $60 to spend. Unless you were talking about $300 Alaska Airline credit, in which case, you need to be more clear.

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