The Award Balance Drinking Game


By far my favorite drinking game is the 7-11 game which I invented as a way to explore Hong Kong on foot. Today’s discussion of how many frequent flier account numbers I could recall by memory has inspired me and my new Twitter drinking buddy @Ahall41116 to combine two things I enjoy: points and drinking.

There are a few variations of the game that will be fun for the whole family.

Points War: My cousin George and I used to play War with the loser having to take a drink if he lost the best of 7 challenge and a shot if he lost a War. The same concept applies here. Randomly scroll down your Award List and challenge your balance of that program to that of your friends. Alternatively, you could challenge his status in that program. Loser drinks.

If you really want to get sophisticated, create your own valuation system for what each program is worth. With a valuation of .000000000001 for SkyPesos his 200k would come up short against your 25k SWA RapidRewards.

Points Poker/Points UNO: Have a cocky friend who thinks he has more points than you, challenge him to Points Poker. Create playing cards with the popular points programs and create a valuation system for evaluating which programs are worth what. Here is mine:

  • Ace: Alaska
  • King: Singapore
  • Queen: American
  • Jack: Hyatt
  • 10: British
  • 9: United
  • 8: Hilton
  • 7: Southwest
  • 6: Lufthansa
  • 5: IHG
  • 4: Club Carlson
  • 3: Frontier
  • 2: Delta
  • Joker: LifeMiles

Not really sure how this is different from normal poker/uno nor would I be motivated to create the playing cards but it was fun to assign Joker’s Wild to LifeMiles- a little points humor for your Tuesday.

Points Memory: Switch Award Lists and challenge your friend to recite her frequent flier number, balance, expiration date for various programs. Mistakes means drink.

Preferred Venues: 

That’s the best that I could come up with but I welcome any ideas and any challengers. I will update the rules as the game is played and improved.

The Award Balance Drinking Game: Bottoms Up

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