Bad Bandwidth in Bagan


All the effort spent building 2000 pagodas has not been reciprocated by building a reliable WI-FI network in Bagan.

Instead, the city has focused on price gouging tourists for bug infested hotels for over $30 a night and jacking up the entrance price for the sites from $15 a month ago to $20 per person now.

If you haven’t made it to Myanmar yet, I suggest coming as soon as possible. The country is definitely understanding the fundamentals of supply and demand and are not apologizing for it.

For all the organic, Whole Food readers who will say, “You’re supporting the local economy, its people,” then you’re naively believing the funds go into the locals’ pockets. (And milk shouldn’t cost $8/gallon.)

Tourist fatigue has set in Myanmar especially in Bagan where the haggling, my favorite past time, has taken on a darker tone with vendors and horse cart drivers (the local taxi) refusing to negotiate because “We know you have the money.”

Well they aren’t getting it from me regardless of how price inelastic the demand for pagodas.

Still the best way to see Bagan and avoid the scammers is by bicycle which can be rented for $1.50 a day. I have no cycling skills so let’s see how this ends up. Most likely with the horse cart driver reprimanding me for not employing their services.


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