Barclays Aviator Approved! Damn I Missed The Churn Life


My friend sent me a message saying that he had been approved for the Barclays AA Aviator card, something that I had waited for following Citi’s elimination of my AA points party. The offer is 40k AA points after your first purchase. I like how Barclays doesn’t bother with minimum spends that many meet by treating their hypochondria with daily visits to the Wheel of Fortune Puzzle that consists of three letters. Instead, Barclays charges the annual fee up front and that’s that. Interestingly enough, I have yet to encounter a client with a consumer arbitration claim against Barclays. That’s probably because they don’t bother with the ambiguous language that many banks like to enforce when it is to its convenience.

Anyhow, his instant approval had me jealous and nostalgic so I pulled the trigger and was surprisingly approved. Take that Festivus 2016 offenders! Giddy, I tried for an Alaska card and it was deja vu all over again as I got the pending result. Will I get another definitive no from Alaska?

Churn baby!
Churn baby!


  1. HOw long after closing an account should you wait to reapply? I downgraded my AA Aviator Red to the free option about 6 months ago, and cancelled the card all together 2 months ago. The card still shows in my online account, but as closed.

    Also, anyone know a way of removing a closed account from my online account?


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