Do You Believe in Miracles? If Not It’s Air India


So in Michigan fashion, we choked away the game yesterday. It was ours for the taking and we choked.

Not boxing out on a 1-1 free throw, meant that Michigan won’t face Arizona in the finals as I predicted. And with Arizona losing, Ms TPOL, who picked Kansas to win it all, is a lock to win our Bracket Bet. If you haven’t read that post, the bet was that the loser has to fly 17 hours from SFO-DEL on Air India in coach, one of the longest flights in the world.

Still, there is some hope that there will be a total meltdown by the teams she picked and that I will come out ahead. Here’s where we stand after Torture Thursday:


I have no idea if her PPR points overlap with mine but perhaps there will be a miracle and I’ll come out ahead.

My friend does not seem to think so:


Michigan had a great run so I can’t be that upset. However, I have to reiterate:

You choked. It was yours for the taking and you choked.

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