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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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The Best Sushi Is In EWR?

TPOL is headed back to NYC next week and is debating whether he should fly into LGA for convenience and Centurion Lounge libations or Newark for what Bloomberg calls the best sushi in the New York area. Their basis for the claim is that the products come from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. If you haven’t visited the fish market in Japan, I highly suggest going soon as it is slated to move from its current facility next year and because it’s on TPOL’s Guns & Butter Guide Tokyo Travel Guide. While the sushi at EWR may taste good, it cannot replicate the atmosphere of the bustling market. Still, it may be worth flying into EWR and breaking the rule of not spending money in an airport to evaluate the reliability of Bloomberg’s assertion.

Anyone been?

a man in a fish shop
Fish market visit in 2006.


  1. I can’t imagine it’s that good but it’s worth a shot. ORD’s Wicker Park used to be on my hit list until I read the absolutely abysmal yelp reviews.

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