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Monday, July 15, 2024
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3,2,1 Bungee! Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

One of the few things I’ve never wanted to do is bungee jump. One of my friends had done it in Victoria Falls, and I said if I ever went there that I too would take the plunge.

My first stop in Africa was Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. My first activity was to bungee off the bridge that connects Zimbabwe to Zambia. Half of the bridge belongs to Zambia and the other half to Zimbabwe. In the middle is a platform 111 meters above the water.

The Cost
To defy death costs $210. This includes the zipline, bungee, and rope swing.

Google Victoria Falls bungee and you’ll read about a scary incident where the rope broke, sending a tourist into the water and near death. Since that accident, security measures have been tremendously improved. Everything is checked and re-checked. There has not been an incident since.

Identifying numbers for the jumpers

The Zipline
The zipline is a gentle preview of what is to come. It’s the scenic way to commute to the bridge. It has nothing on Costa Rica’s zipline adventure.

The Bungee
The staff straps you in and gives you directions on what to do, all the while recording you from start to finish. They also give you a GoPro which provides an interesting perspective on how you react in the face of danger. After going through the safety instructions and the exit interview, it is time to step up to the plate. Put your toes over the‎ edge and prepare for the countdown which goes “3,2,1 Bungee!” That’s your cue to dive as far forward as possible.

My only anxiety was waiting for the countdown and seeing if I would freeze at the sound of ‘bungee’. The video shows that I did not cower. In fact, the experience was not scary at all. It happened so quickly that I do not remember the feeling of free fall. I have to say that I get a bigger rush from the Tower of Terror than bungee jumping.

The Rope Swing
Now for the fun‎. I did the bungee solo but Ms. TPOL and I decided to do the rope swing together, mostly because the process of going through the safety instructions one at a time and waiting in line was taking too long. Doing it as a tandem added a bit more stress to the process. In the safety debriefing, we had to practice stepping forward in unison on the count of three. If one person hesitated, he or she would be dragged off the platform. That did not sound pleasant.

I honestly had no idea what rope swing meant until I got back to the platform and saw what was in store. Basically, both of us would look to the horizon and step right off. This would be followed by a moment of free fall and then swinging back and forth above the water.

The countdown began and our execution was seamless. ‎The drop down was a real rush and lasted much longer than the bungee. The swing was also more fun because I wasn’t hanging upside down for an eternity.

The Videos
For the nice price of $65 per person, dare devils receive photos, an edited video of the bungee experience, and the truth telling GoPro footage. Yes it’s expensive but look how great it turned out.

My Jump

My GoPro

Rope Swing

My bungee days are over, but I’m glad I tried it and am happy I did it in an exotic place like Victoria Falls.



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