Can We Get a New Top 10 Best Credit Card List?


Prepare the royal baggage, TPOL is headed back to New York. After some great golf and little sun, I’m headed back to NYC to face 2016.

I just outlined my travel schedule for 2016 and in the coming days I’m going to try and figure out my churn schedule for Q1. I’ve stopped looking at the ‘top 10’ lists of credit card pushers because I never see anything new.

I get that the best card is the Sapphire and the INK but avid points travelers have all applied for those and have blacklisted from applying for them for the Nth time. From Citi the cards on the list are the same: Prestige and perhaps AA before it’s ‘too late’. SPG Amex is probably on the list and maybe the Barclays Arrival card. Perhaps there’s a targeted 100k offer out there for the Amex Platinum. Most of us have these cards and many of us aren’t eligible for applying again.

With limited options and a manufactured spending game that is growing increasingly difficult, the traditional 90 day churn cycle is no longer feasible. I’m looking at other banks and other ways to keep this pointsoflife game going. Last year I did Wells Fargo. This month I’m finishing up my Citi Gold Checking Account application. Other than applying for Virgins in bulk or the largest state in the same manner, I’m going to have to be creative. The alternative is to spend my time reading the same posts about how to qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.


  1. Well said, I have about 9 of the cards on these top ten lists! I will be going for the SW Companion Pass. After SE Asia next month, 2016 will be a set of domestic/Caribbean trips.

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