Car Pool Etiquette


What is car pool etiquette? I’m in a Via,  the best bus ride in NYC. I get into the Chevy Suburban and there are two passengers already in the vehicle. Nobody says hello, nobody acknowledges the other rider. We drop off the first passenger and pick up another. She also doesn’t say hello. Now hopefully we are en route to where I need to be.

My question is whether saying hello is necessary or should this be like an actual bus where we all remain strangers? What a sad reality if that’s the case.  Why leave the house if all you do is stare down at your incompassionate phone?





  1. I remember that Americans say hello by burping so those were well educated ones I guess. What is this posting about? Wasting time?

  2. I’ve done a lot of ridesharing over the years (both casually through apps and through work-sponsored transportation) and find that for the most part, people don’t talk – unless they’re hitting on you. In my opinion, a hi is nice, but anything else gets awkward fast or at least tedious. When the carpool is focused for a regular work commute, silence is best and often expected so that folks can get a couple emails out on the way or get those last minutes of calm before their day starts.

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