Chase Sapphire Reserve Rejected: What A Shocker


Yay, the new Chase Sapphire application is available online. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most of us churners will get rejected. I thought I’d give it a go and get one past the 5/24 goalie. I called recon and before I could get into the pleasantries with my patented recon speech, the agent politely stopped me and said that nothing could be done. I simply had too many new accounts.

The reason I’m writing this obvious post is to show you that bloggers like myself are not immune to the rules of the banking world. At the same time, it won’t be shocking when more prominent bloggers who seemingly never get rejected will once again be approved. I’m not hating on them, I’m just jealous of their relationships with the banks that I have yet to establish.

In conclusion, apply if you want but you’ll probably be sitting in the reject bus next to me.

Why Chase, why?



  1. let me change that to be clear. too many new accounts. i was batting close to a 100. it used to be one in the same.

  2. Would you be shocked if Brian Kelly got approved for the CSR? I am sure he is way over 5/24. Would be funny if he gets rejected and keeps pushing it later.

    • LOL glad you picked up on the reference. “Best Travel Card” TPG is how the commercial goes.
      What will the recon convo go like haaa

  3. Hey TPOL,

    Strategy question for you: I have 3 personal cards (amex, Aviator Red, BoA) and 3 biz (2 chase ink and one citi AA). I want to cancel my Aviator Red. Would you recommend cancelling it before or after I apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve? I sort of thought it might be good to cancel beforehand so it doesn’t look like I already have too much credit extended? But is that the wrong conclusion?

    I am also an authorized user on my mom’s citi preferred (added w/in 24 months) and my wife’s CSP. Should I nix either of those before applying or will it not matter? Would chase see me being on my mom’s citi preferred as an app under the 5/24 rule?

    • Any reason why you want to cancel the Aviator Red card? If it’s the annual fee, just call and so far, they have been waiving it for me every year. Plus it doesn’t hurt to keep for those promos that Barclay has from time to time and keeping a longer credit history.

      I’m not too sure about the too much credit part. I always thought that was bank specific. Since it’s not part of Chase, I would say it’s safe to keep. If you are still worried and don’t mind keeping the card, ask Barclay to lower the limit for you.

      Definitely remove yourself from being an authorized user of those cards unless you have a good reason to keep them. Even after removal, it’s my understanding that it takes 1-2 months to be removed from the credit reports. Chase may or may not have the 100K sign up offer by then.

      Batting 15/24 here myself so most likely not going to get approved either. Might pop into a branch to see if they can check to see if I have a pre-approved offer.

      • to be honest its mostly b/c my wife is giving me a hard time about having too many CCs open. 😉 and since i already have another AA card, its one i don’t mind losing. for some reason i’m never targeted for the bonuses even though my wife is on her card.

        thx for the reply!

    • If it’s open then the damage has been done for the stupid rule. It’s keep it open.

      Extended credit seems to be back specific. Example: BoA wouldn’t approve me for another card until I lowered credit limit and waited a few months.

      I’ll never become an authorized user for someone again. Chase holds it against you as do other creditors.

      As a rule keeping cards open increases your credit score because of length of history. The same for having high limits because of debt credit ratio.

  4. I got rejected too. I was at 7/24, but 3 of those were with Chase, and I have $15k in checking with them. I knew it was a strong possibility, but I’m still pissed, and I hold grudges against companies that piss me off. I will be cancelling all of my chase cards within the year, and moving all money out of Chase accounts.

  5. Well over 5/24, and I got the pending result online (I’m not lucky enough to be living near a Chase branch). I haven’t called yet, so even though I’m not yet at RejectedVille, I have an idea that I’m on the train to there. Based on the results I’ve been reading I think I’ll just wait it out, and call after the rejection letter comes.

  6. I got rejected this morning. I am way over 5/24…probably closer to 12/24. I am a new chase private client with over 150k in deposits and had my banker apply and subsequently called reconsideration once the instant denial was received. Did not do anything but waste my time.

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