Chase Sapphire Reserve: Rejected Again


My friend was approved for the CSR after previously being rejected. Since yesterday was the last day of the 100k sign up bonus, I thought there was a chance that 5/24 was being overlooked and there was a chance that I would get one past the goalie.

Last time when I applied, I was rejected immediately. This time Chase said it needed more information. Too impatient to wait for a result, I called recon and was told within seconds that I was rejected and was given the 5/24 reason.

When will the madness end? I still think approval is a bad thing.

Anyone pull of the heist of the century and get approved despite 5/24? Keep it to yourself.

Calling recon to tell them that I'm a star.
Calling recon to tell them that I’m a star.


  1. TPOL, i was approved (i was 4/24 at the time), but here’s my unorthodox opinion – this card kinda sucks. yes, the value absolutely justifies the annual fee. and yes, getting the 100k was fantastic. but on an ongoing basis…what does this card do for me? $50/extra a year (over the CSP) to get 3x instead of 2x? 1.5x on redemptions? if i’m redeeming points in that fashion, i’m sort of wasting them. and all the other benefits are duplicated by other cards i have….point is, you’re not missing out on much. i have much more fun w/ the Prestige and Amex Plat – each deliver much more value, to me at least.

    • CSR is good for people who just want one card and not worry about maximizing (most of our SO for example). The priority pass membership from CSR is the best version too, my friend just used it to take her whole family into a couple of lounges.

      The ‘elite’ status from Amex plat isn’t that useful to avg people who travel once or twice a year, I have plenty of friends who stay at W hotels every couple months and didn’t even sign up for SPG program.

      Also many friends who know about churning but still doesn’t care to apply for credit cards because they’re worried about tracking credit cards and payments (don’t ask me who they have time to play games on iPhone but not to sign up for autopay). I have friends who still play $450 on AA Executive even though he’s never flown AA, because he is too ‘lazy’ to cancel. But these are the type of people Chase is targeting and succeeded, as all of them asked me about CSR and applied.

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