Is Chiang Mai TPOL’s New Home? Vote Now


Voting is underway for where TPOL should move in December. Wherever readers say I should go, I will go. Each week I’ll feature two cities, one ranked the highest according to Nomad List and the one ranked at the bottom of the list.

Today’s city is Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is ranked the #1 place to move per my specs on Nomad List. I have been to Chiang Rai, Thailand which was nice for a couple of days but I couldn’t imagine living there. Chiang Mai is a bit bigger than Rai but it is still secluded. On a positive note, the tom yum was very good, especially on the train ride up.

What do you think? Should TPOL move to Chiang Mai for four months? Vote now!

Tom yum every day would not be bad
Tom yum every day would not be bad


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