Citi Prestige: Is This My Fry’s VIP Card?


Back in the day when I churned like a boss, I would lie and wait for the postman to come with envelopes from Nebraska that were a bit bulkier than other parcels which I never bothered to open. I recall the AA Executive Card coming in a black box with a golden ticket a la Willy Wonka. That was a great day. I remember the same card coming again 90 days later, also a great day.

Today Christmas didn’t come early by way of a beautiful gift wrapped Citi Card. Since I had to get the card sent to an alternate address, it came in an unmarked Fedex envelope. No big deal I guess.

The letdown came when I opened the present to find the lamest card in the history of all credit cards! $450 for this flimsy piece of plastic. Am I supposed to be impressed because the blue arc is transparent? Not since my Amex Blue have I felt so cheapened by what was supposed to be a novel product. Go to a merchant with this card and don’t be shocked if the card breaks in half when swiping it through the machine. Compare this to the card made of steel, the Chase Sapphire, where compliments are given because its weight infers stature.

If you’re not in the points game you may find my rant useless but it does have merit from a marketing perspective. Consumers whether subconscious or not have pride in which card they chose to use when they go out. Heading to a nice restaurant, your more like to pay with your Sapphire (regardless of 2x bonus) than your local credit union card. Heading out for a night on the town you’re more likely to flash the Amex Platinum in a tacit way to let the bartender know that you are someone important.

Fortunately for Citi this card comes with great benefits so when I do get scowls from the maître d’ much like I do when I use my trusty Blackberry, I will have the last laugh knowing that I’m getting 5x on this, 3x on that, all to be enjoyed in an airplane lounge at a date not too far in the future.

Piece of junk for $450 a year!
Piece of junk for $450 a year!




  1. The Platinum card is plastic, the Citi Executive is plastic…

    Also you said “If you’re not in the points game you may find my rant useless,” should I remind you that you are in the points game? Unless of course “the points of life” isn’t an obvious play towards the points game.

    It’s a credit card, you didn’t get it for the status, and if you did, you made a horrible choice by choosing Citi, which happened well before you saw the card.

    • You obviously did not get an ounce of my humor. Out of frustration I will kindly explain.

      1. I get that it’s plastic. The synonym for a credit card is ‘plastic.’ This is bendy plastic like Fry’s VIP Card. Again it is a joke. I was comparing the presentation of how the AA card came and explained why this didn’t come that way. $450 they should make the card feel prestigious, it’s in the name. (see chase sapphire)

      2. It takes a points enthusiast/nerd to write a meaningless post about how his poor points card isn’t giving him fake VIP status in life. Again, it’s a joke.

      3. Yes there is status in a way a card is designed. I don’t care what anyone says. You pull out your Amex Black card and gauge the reaction, take out your capital one card and points freaks will shake their head wondering why you’d ever keep that card in your wallet.

      4. If you clicked on the link where I said I churned like a boss, you will see I have most of the great card out there.

      5. Actually you do get status by way of points and admirals club access which is referenced in the link in the last sentence.

      Satire is dead I guess or I’m not your brand of funny.

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