Citi Prestige: No Free Golf = Cancel Card


The days of how great the Citi Prestige card is are over. The loss of Admirals Club was a big deal but today I confirmed with Citi that the three free rounds of golf would also be eliminated. Personally, this is the only reason I justified paying the $350 Citi Gold reduced annual fee. I easily could find green fees that surpassed this amount in addition to cashing in the $250 travel credit.

Without this perk disappearing, I have no reason to hold onto the card and am annoyed that I paid the fee this year. I have yet to golf and my schedule doesn’t look promising. Time to call and see if there are any retention offers to make up for this big loss.

No golf, no chance
No golf, no chance



    • They are but I haven’t used it this year and next year my annual fee is due in February so I’m getting squeezed.

  1. Yes it’s annoying when they take perks away without making it up with something else. Feels like we have been lured Into applying and then screwed. The least they could do is reduced the annual fee or grandfather those who already have those perks! Disappointed with Citibank. What else are they gonna cut next?

  2. How do we know it’s really gone? I don’t ever remember it being on the app as a perk, I thought it was more of a world MasterCard perk since the tpc courses were a world MasterCard perk.

  3. If you have yet to golf and your schedule doesn’t look promising, then maybe the benefit wasn’t of much actual value to you to begin with? And are you really saying you can’t get $100 of value out of the card (when accounting for the airline credit, which to anybody that travels is as good as cash), e.g. 4th night free at almost any hotel, Priority Pass?

    • I get lounge access from another card, up until now every time I shopped for hotels, I found a better deal at even after the fourth night free and now that it won’t pay taxes the benefit is even less of a benefit, so for me so far the card did not pay for itself yet, i was banking on the gulf benefit, but with that gone too it’s just not worth the cost for me, I did not get the $350 price, had I gotten the $350 annual fee card I would of definitely kept it, but at $450 ($200 after the airline credit) it’s just not worth it.

  4. Good luck getting the Citi retention department. Last week, I was told they temporarily closed it to move those people to answer phones because they were inundated with new Costco cards

  5. When is the golf benefit going away? Can we still use our free rounds of golf this year? This was my favorite perk of the card:-(

    • I still don’t believe its really gone because it was never an advertised perk, i think it was a world mastercard perk. If it is gone, the last day would be July 2017 i believe

    • Next year. I haven’t been able to use it this year yet. So I’m going to have to book 3 this year and book 3 next year before the annual fee is due.

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