College Football Sends TPOL to Jerry World!


Last season did not end so well for the mighty Michigan Wolverines. First, they didn’t close the deal in Columbus, even though I was on hand to cheer them on. (see Buckeyes Wolverines: Fourth & Short Trip Report Recap) Then we choked away the Orange Bowl when I was on my Last Binge in Bangkok. Waking up to watch that on Sling was a waste of time. In an effort to restore our good name, we will be opening up the season against the garbage Florida Gators in the “Advocare Classic” in Cowboy Stadium. Apparently, it does not take much to be called a classic these days.

Last time we played the Gators, they got crushed. (see Citrus Bowl Stadium: Where Even the Band Battles) In fact, Michigan has beaten Florida 3 times in a row which includes the Tim Tebow team that won alternating national championships. I’m ready to Guaran-Sheed another victory, even though I’m a bit concerned about our QB.

Besides sitting in the Gator section and serving as a provocateur, I will also write another Stadium Guide for what was once the best NFL Stadium. (That title will soon belong to the Atlanta Falcons.) At the same time, I’m going to explore Dallas (The stadium is in Arlington but I don’t think there is much to do there.) and write some tips on where to eat and drink.

Gator chomp!

See you soon Jerry!
See you soon Jerry!


  1. 1. It’s AT&T Stadium, not “Cowboy Stadium.”
    2. The stadium is an engineering marvel, but with horrible sightlines, muffled sound and a distracting video scoreboard. To label it one of best NFL venues disqualifies you as a credible writer of a “Stadium Guide.”

  2. “…even though I’m a bit concerned about our QB.” You should really be concerned about losing about 80% of all of your starters from last year! Go Gata!

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