Complaint Of The Week: ITA Matrix Default Currency


There’s nothing better than searching for flights using ITA Matrix. This is especially true if you spend summers golfing in Montana and need to query 5 airports to get from here to New York. My complaint about the software is how the currency is set to the default currency of the sales city. I often forget to put USD and end up with something like this:

Oh it’s only TZS340,060 to go from Zanzibar to Nairobi? That’s a good deal. Actually, I have no idea what the conversion is, so I have to go back and correct the currency.

$145. That’s much better.

Why isn’t it set to USD by default or by where I physically am? Why doesn’t it remember my last choice?

And that’s my complaint of the week.

On a side note, my ridiculous trip to South America and Africa is coming up where I go (mostly in business) to Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya (just added), and South Africa for 95k Delta SkyKyat and 105k United miles.

TPOL’s back!



  1. “TPOL’s back!”

    were you gone? ha!

    good to see you posting again brah! keep complaining…and keep being interesting.

  2. This is because 99% of tickets are issued in the currency of departure. That’s the most accurate rate and everything else is being converted from that rate.

  3. It’s because Google is tired of spending cash on that ITA Matrix purchase and they want you to use the sucky instead.

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