Delta Gives Points for Delays

The worst thing about Montana besides perpetual winter is coming back to Montana. Besides Vegas, there aren’t many direct flights to Montana. Even if you can find one, it will be on Allegiant from a second tier airport.
Last time I was coming and going to NY I experienced delay after delay. I was stuck in Cincinnati which is actually in Kentucky for hours on the way to NY. I was stuck on the tarmac from JFK to SLC on the way back. The annoying part of the outbound flight was the availability of a flight to EWR that was on time. Because of my ticket class, I wasn’t able to fly stand-by. The irritating part about the return is just sitting there wondering if we would ever take off.
Being the points hoarder that I am, I complained on about both incidents. One week later, Delta gave me 9000 points cumulatively. A flight from Montana to NYC ranges from $200 to $600 or 11,500 points. The credit was more than fair and probably one of the best domestic redemptions (cash to points) ‎using SkyKyat.


  1. Big deal…about 4 years ago Alaska gave us $100 each for a delay (all5 tickets for our family=$500). They have been doing things right long before bad actions and worse press forced other airlines to do so.

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