FIFA ’17 Inspires Points Travel


TPOL is always looking for ways to connect with readers. And now I have my XBox One S. Anyone looking for a challenge on FIFA ’17, look me up @thepointsoflife. I’m going to sign up for a free month of XBox Live Gold and enter the dangerous world of online gaming. Clearly, I’m out of touch with video games as it took forever to set this damn Xbox up. When I asked the salesman if the new Tiger Woods had come out, he said they don’t make that game anymore and recommended Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. When did Tiger get dropped?

I will need some time to practice before taking on the world. Then the Rory-esque trash talking can begin…”F***ing come on. I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you”.

Another reason I purchased FIFA ’17 was to provide myself with an excuse to visit and review sports stadiums around the world. While Michigan’s Big House is impressive, the atmosphere at an international soccer match is incomparable. At the same time, nothing is better than using points for sports-related ventures. From the Final Four, Sugar Bowl, Citrus Bowl, to seeing River Plate in Buenos Aires, points make it possible.

River Plate Buenos Aires
River Plate Buenos Aires

(h/t Le Chic Geek)

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