Have a Safe Flight: Could Dumber Words Be Spoken?


Have a Safe Flight is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I haven’t gone on a rant in a while but believe I have an opportune time to do so. I’m taking off from IST to BEY. Before heading out, I caught up with some friends on messenger who signed off by saying, “Have a safe flight.” This stupid phrase is worse than the other dreaded phrase, “Have a good workout.” Thank you for saying so. But for that comment, I would’ve lifted one dumbbell and gone home. At least the workout line is in my control. The safe flight one is not because I’m not the pilot. Besides hoping for the best or reading the safety instructions, what am I supposed to do to have a safe flight? Nothing.

Instead of the silly ‘have a safe flight’ or the morbid ‘hope you don’t crash’ perhaps we can just say, “Talk to you later.”

Have a safe flight!


  1. Is this really all you could think of to post today?

    It is well wishing, which you could take in a negative way (like any statement), but is almost certainly meant to express a desire for the best outcome for you. Superstitious to offer someone well wishes? Sure if one expects it to influence the outcome. But is it an act of personal support to someone? Well of course it is.

    Or should we also think that “See you later” has ominous overtones, such that Big Brother won’t come and take you away? What…I am going to disappear now?! How stupid to think in such a way.

    • “How stupid to think in such a way.” I actually appreciated your see you later comment until I read this.

      And if you read the post, you would know that I wrote this at the time. It wasn’t created today.

      • “And if you read the post, you would know that I wrote this at the time. It wasn’t created today.” And…so its a Shit Re-post? Well, that makes it a lot more worthwhile.

        Are you sure this whole blogging thing is for you?

        • It’s not a repost. I write when I’m on the go. Then I come home and publish.

          Love the condescending comments. Please keep them coming.

        • Repost means I’ve posted it before if you want to get into specifics. Maybe try another article, you might like one of them. Or don’t. It’s your option. Ain’t life great?

  2. So, you frown when someone wishes you “Have a good day”? They obviously are not god and cannot control how your day goes by. What a crappy post.

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