HKG-BKK: AA Bumps Me Down to Business


I was looking forward to flying Cathay first from JFK-YVR-BKK then business on Malaysia from BKK-KUL-CTG this December. Then a schedule change email came from American Airlines today. That’s always bad for me. Last time it happened I was demoted from Etihad Apartments to the 777. I managed to fix that one but this time around I have no choice as the new airplane does not have a first-class cabin. Apart from missing out on Krug, it’s not the worst thing in the world because the product changed from the 777 to the A350, something that I have not flown and has not been extensively reviewed. So long as I am allowed in the Champagne Lounge in HKG, this will be the extent of my complaint.

Champagne or I complain.
Champagne or I complain.


  1. This reminds me of the time I spent two hours in a champagne lounge. Chase was nice enough to wake me up at 7 the next morning me asking me to confirm my charges. FYI – the 2nd hour is never worth. Neither is the 1st…but I never learn.

    • Hmm i got a similar story at a tokyo establishment. First hour all you can drink, second hour….then the bill comes and whoa!

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