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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Iberia Velázquez Premium Lounge: Good, Not Great

The Iberia Lounge Review Madrid is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been.

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After bobbing and weaving for an hour en route to the lounge, I finally made it. Was it all that it was cracked up to be by other bloggers? Of course, it wasn’t. While it was nice, it can’t be compared to Emirates First Class Lounge or Cathay’s the Wing. Here’s what made it good.


Plenty of places to sit and plenty of privacy. a red couch in a room a red couches in a building a person's feet on a couch a room with black chairs and tables a room with chairs and tables a room with chairs and a wall


There is a nap room but just like the flight over, the light comes on each time someone comes or goes. Use eyecovers.

a hallway with a black curtain a couch in a room


From breakfast to lunch, there was not a shortage of food.a box of donuts a plate of food on a red surface a white tray with a spoon full of sliced mushrooms a group of bottles of sauce a plate of food and a bottle of sauce a bowl of soy sauce and sushi a plate of pasta with sauce on it

a pan of rice and vegetables
It’s a bold endeavour to make paella. I was not surprised that it was not great seeing as how I was in an airport lounge.


Walk to the other side of the lounge and you’ll find an upscale bar.a room with a bar and chairs a group of bottles of alcohol on a counter a bar with bottles of wine

Here’s what made it satisfactory.

The Set Up

It’s a long hallway. What’s exciting about that?


Come on now, this is Iberia’s flagship lounge. Let’s get some catering.


My phone connected easily, but my laptop wouldn’t. It took major troubleshooting before the damn thing would work. This may be user error, but there was no support from any of the staff.


It’s clear that I’m spoiled by the Middle Eastern and Asian carriers.

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  1. I have limited lounge experience, but don’t know that I would compare this to the top lounges in the world even by reputation. The best J lounge I’ve been to so far was Qatar’s Al-Mourjan and, even with its drawbacks, it’s considered world class. I’ve been both there and Iberia’s flagship lounge in the past 16 months and Al-Mourjan is far and away better. But Velasquez is really solid, IMHO, given the nap rooms, tarmac views, and quality of the buffet. So I’m focused far more n the “really good” than the “not great.”

    • Your assessment of the lounge is correct but my smug spoiled experience makes the disagree. This isn’t better than a centurion lounge on an empty day.

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