I’m Glad Etihad Apartments Is Sold Out


Don’t get me wrong people, I am enjoying NYC. But, when you travel as much as I have, the wow factor of the city is reduced as a consequence of it being in the United States. Here, everything works: my cell phone, Uber, my English etc. There, who knows what I’ll run into or who will take me on a Ali Baba magic carpet ride.

Slightly bored in Brooklyn and tired of paying New York prices, I told my friend that maybe I should fly to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Apartments since I have nothing to do before the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. He said, “Go for it, after all, it’s for the blog.”

I became anxious at the prospect that there would be availability because then I would have to question if it was worth the points to go across the world for only a few days. Furthermore, I would have to pay the $75 close-in booking fee.

Well, fate has decided that I should keep paying outrageous prices for drinks and foods in New York since there is nothing available on the a380 for the rest of December. I’m sort of relieved that there isn’t because it’s probably a waste. At the same time, I’m sort of disappointed and nervous because the devaluation is coming and I need to fly apartments!

hmm, maybe I check again tomorrow


  1. If you ever want to visit the TYS area, let me know. Standard English is generally understood, and the natives tend to be of an agreeable disposition.

      • No. Wait, HELL no. I’m from Miami. I still have issues mustering enthusiasm for college ball, including my adopted home town. I do follow the Dolphins -insert joke here-.

        • I’ll be in Miami January 2nd but google says tys is knoxville so I assumed. And the U may be back?? I don’t agree with the hire. I don’t think Richt has the personality.

        • My friends won’t let me back in Miami. Every time I return to watch a game, there’s some horrific loss. As a result, I have to be sly, or avoid the city altogether. I love my home, but was referring to TYS.

        • My choices for law school were arizona state or the U, now I could only imagine had I chosen the latter what I would’ve become. I think I made the right choice because asu is #26 on paper and miami law, well you know how miami law is regarded. #fuckthegators

        • Actually, I haven’t the faintest idea how bad UM law is regarded. My dad went to UM, so there’s a certain nostalgia there. Beyond that, I’m just not sure. Either way, If you’re heading in this area, please drop me a line.

  2. Honestly, though, even with the devaluation, it’s not terrible on the apartments 90k –> 115k. I’ve had the same thought, but I will fly them one day. I have Cathay first on hold at 135k round-trip. Last time I’ll be doing that for a long time…

    • Cathay first was ok, I wrote a review on it. It’s a good ‘product’ but it’s not that feeling of special first. Insert bloggers being psychotic after that response.

  3. OK well now you made me look. It’s 11p PST and there is one apartment award seat for tomorrow’s A380 flight from JFK available…

    • Wow, I saw it yesterday at the bar as soon as you said. 840AM EST now and it’s gone. I was going to call AA and book it and then try to find a return and cancel if not but I got…I wonder if if someone booked it or if the computer just pulled it away.

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