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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Keekorok Safari Lodge Mara Park: You Are Most Welcome

Keekorok Safari Lodge Mara Hotel Review is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Jambo! And welcome to Keekorok Safari Lodge, one of the best hotels on planet earth.

After the hellish van ride from Nairobi, we were treated by the warmest reception from the staff at Keekorok. “You are most welcome,” was a phrase that we heard throughout our stay and it came from the heart.

The Hotel Itself
The hotel is beautiful. I could have easily stayed longer and enjoyed the service and the amenities, though you still have to pay $70/person for the park fee, so there’s no time for love Dr. Jones.  a sign in front of a building a room with a tree and chandelier a room with a bar and a planta bar with menus on a counter a group of tables and chairs on a patio a group of trees in a grassy area a room with a fireplace and a tree a group of pictures of animals on a wall

After a quick check in, we were escorted to a lunch buffet. Meals are part of the rate and, coming off my Salt Flats adventure, I expected the dining to be nothing but adequate. I was dead wrong. The food was fantastic. It was a buffet of everything you want all at once along with a wok grill including the choices of chicken, beef, or fish. Drinks are not included but it would be a shame not to pair such a excellent lunch with a bottle of white. a bowl of vegetables in a bowl a bowl of food on a stove a bowl of salad and a spoon a bowl of vegetables and a spoon a bowl of food and a bowl of salad a bowl of fruit and vegetables a plate of food with a fork a man cooking in a kitchen a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a table

The only things I bring on trips are a backpack and my Osprey roller. They’re light enough that I can take them anywhere and not be inconvenienced. Despite the lack of luggage, the staff insisted on carrying my bags to the room.a group of people walking on a stone path with luggage

The Room
The room was awesome. The entrance was all glass so that guests can look out to the garden. The bed was big enough for two. And the TV? There wasn’t one because who needs a TV when you’re on safari.a house with a patio and a stone walkway a wicker chairs and a table outside of a stone building a bed with a white canopy over it a bed with a red blanket and lamps a clay objects on a wall a bed with a long pillow on it a room with a mirror and chair a bedroom with a large window and a bed a coffee pot and condiments on a tray a group of plastic bottles a glass wall with a chair and table outside a group of trees in a field a stone walkway leading to a building

The Bathroom
The rain shower had good pressure and nonstop hot water.a sink and a mirror in a bathroom a mirror above a sink a soap and toiletries on a stand a toilet paper holder with a stick and a fish on it a shower with a shower head a shower with a shower head

Dinner on the first night was a BBQ and buffet. Dinner on the second night was pasta‎ made in the wok which rivaled any pasta I’ve ever had. From the diverse salads to the obscene selection of fruits, the buffet provided the selection of a Vegas buffet but the quality of an upscale restaurant.a grill with food on it a plate of food on a table a plate of food on a place mat a plate of pasta with sauce a group of fruits on a tablea woman cutting fruit on a table a plate of fruit on a table

The great food continued at breakfast. Custom omelettes to the standard fare were all available.a plate of sausages and bacon on a table a plate of food on a table

The Resident Hippos
Some clubs have resident DJ’s. Keekorok has resident hippos. The resort expanded a small water hole into a sanctuary where hippos hang out. Baby hippos to big hippos splish and splash all day and night while letting out strange hippo noises that I could hear from my room. a body of water with grass and trees a landscape with a river and a grassy field a group of rhinoceros walking through a grassy area

The Service
As I said, you are most welcome. Everything I needed, I received. When I was sick, they sent for the doctor. When I felt better, they brought me fruit. When I checked out, they checked again on my health.a plate of watermelon and grapes on a table

The Location
Keekorok is located within the park. Don’t waste your time staying outside the park and dealing with the bad roads. You want to spend as much time as you can on the game drive and the rest of the time relaxing, not transiting.

In The News
The hotel is famous because Senator Obama stayed here with Michelle. I didn’t know this before booking. The hotel is sadly also known for a bizarre incident in August 2016 when a Chinese tour guide stabbed and killed a Chinese traveler and wounded her husband in the dining room following a fight over a table.

The Price
I paid $211 per night by booking through The other websites charge over $400 per night.

There’s no better place to stay than Keekorok. Period.



  1. It seems you stayed in the same room as me. Keekorok is awesome. I booked it for $120. Keekorok’s price tends to vary widely. We predict it is lowest 2 weeks out.

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