Keep Vs. Cancel: Chase 2016


This is my favorite type of post. The Keep Vs. Cancel is always a good time. If Chase’s 5/24 rule truly comes into being then these will be the cards that remain in my Chase portfolio.

  1. Slate: Keep because it is one of my oldest cards with Chase.
  2. Freedom: Keep for the same reason.
  3. Sapphire: Keep because this is the free version that still has plenty of great benefits.
  4. Marriott: I just received this card and paid the annual fee so obviously I am going to keep it this year. I will hold onto it next year because I want to see what happens with SPG.
  5. IHG: I am keeping this card indefinitely because of the free annual night.
  6. Hyatt: I just was approved again for this card and will be keeping it for the foreseeable future because of the free annual night that trumps the annual fee.
  7. INK: I’ve never been able to escape the annual fee but this is my most consistent method for getting URs. I’m keeping this for life.
  8. United: This card is also new for 2016. I would like to keep it because of the free luggage and my proximity to EWR but that’s a decision for 2017.
  9. British: Cancel in September. I’m still 10k short of receiving the last 25k Avios points and need to figure out how I’m going to do that.

So basically, everything stays till TPOL gets more clarity on what’s happening in the points world. I am proud to say that I recalled all of these cards from memory, a necessary skill to have when facing a tough recon call.

If churning is dead then the Ritz will be the card that got away
If churning is dead then the Ritz will be the card that got away


  1. You said you’re keeping the Marriott next year anyway, but of course it also has the free annual night. I find that always more than offsets the AF.

  2. Doesn’t Chase have a limit on how many cards you can have with them? I never got more than 4 personal cards from them before they ask me to cancel one on my 5th card. At one point in the past, I had the Freedom, Sapphire, Marriott and British Airways card. When I wanted the Sapphire Preferred card, they required me to close one of my cards. I can’t even move my credit limit when I asked. Sacrificed the regular Sapphire card back then.

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